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'Lost' moves to Tuesday nights

It's true! Carlton Cuse broke the news on his Twitter the other day. "Lost" is back Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 9 p.m....

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Brits as Americans

Just as many Americans have failed at British accents, some British actors are terrible at American accents. But NY Magazine has found some Brits flying undercover on our TV, and says they're doing a good job at it.

(Though every time I see Sonya Walger, on "FlashForward," whom they gave an A-. Everytime she speak, I get so distracted trying to figure out what exactly she's...

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Tattoo trade is the ‘Wild West’ with few rules

(Credit: Katya Pronin)

When Tony Ritter got a tattoo at 20, he didn’t realize that the little bulldog emblazoned on his right shoulder blade would come back to bite him 15 years later.

What should have been a 90-minute procedure stretched into three hours of agony. It felt like the Nevada tattoo artist was grinding the needle into his bone, he recalled.

“I almost cried because it hurt so bad,”...

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Dear Hollywood, please think of new ideas

And if you can't, hire me! I have plenty of ideas that I'd let someone pay me millions of dollars for to make into a movie.



I really think it was unnecessary to remake "Clash of the Titans" into a big-pimpin', ROAR-soundtracked action film. The original is kick-ass already, on the strength of its cheesey charm.

But no one asked me. Clearly....

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New Lost Promo

I missed this very first promo for the last season of "Lost" which ran during Thursday's "FlashForward." That's what you get for watching your television time-shifted.

It doesn't say much ... though it looks like we're going to revisit the infamous cage-incident, which should please everyone.

Far more satisfying is Pop Candy's q&a with Damon Lindelof, if...

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