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BookExpo America Roundup Part 1: Nonfiction and Science Fiction

(Credit: The Tangent)

So many galleys. (Photo by RJ Mickelson)

By Scott A. Rosenberg

This past weekend was BookExpo America, a massive convention held at the Javits Center where tons of book publishers from across the globe come together to meet, show off their new titles and sell their titles to book stores.

I was there for amNewYork, and picked up many, many bags worth of books...

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Archie to propose to Veronica

(Credit: The Tangent)

Apparently, gentlemen prefer brunettes.

At least if that gentleman is from Riverdale. Archie Andrews, world’s the oldest teenager, is set to propose to one of his long-time love interests, Veronica Lodge, in “Archie” No. 600, due to hit comic stores on Aug. 19 and newsstands on Sept. 1.

The story, titled “Archie Marries Veronica Part 1: The Proposal,” takes...

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Cash Cab's Ben Bailey gives us some answers

By Ed Condran

Special to amNewYork

• Ben Bailey is at Comix Friday and Saturday

Most taxi drivers don’t give money to passengers just for taking a ride. However, Ben Bailey, driver of the “Cash Cab” is not most taxi drivers.

The host of the Discovery Channel’s Emmy...

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Kris Allen: The full scoop

(Credit: The Tangent)

"American Idol" fans were shocked when the mellow singer Kris Allen, 23, beat frontrunner and glam rocker Adam Lambert, 27, for the title.

Kris recently participated in a conference call with members of the press. Here's what he had to say, from the way the show has changed his relationship with his wife to his thoughts on his first single, "No Boundaries."


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Adam Lambert: The full scoop

(Credit: The Tangent)

Adam Lambert didn't win "American Idol." But he sure came close, and with his glam rocker edge and amazing skills, he's sure to be a name we'll be hearing for a long time.

Adam recently participated in a conference call with members of the press. Here's what he had to say, from the constant chatter about his sexuality to what tunes we'll here on his upcoming album.


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The series finale

By Emily Hulme

This has been on my mind lately, because I just finished up "Battlestar Galactica" this weekend: How do the series finales of the shows we love usually stack up to that show's run as a whole? More often than not, they seem a little bit like a let down.

This will be riddled with spoilers,...

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Adam Lambert

have you ever told

that's what i spoke to her about on my first au...

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New Vampire Slayer?

By Emily Hulme

Yahoo news is reporting that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on her way back to the big screen. But without Sarah Michelle Gellar and possibly Joss Whedon.

And no, not Kristy Swanson either.

Fran Rubel Kuzui, who was responsible for the original 1992 film and brought...

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Top Model hodgepodge

Here are some semi-related Top Model tidbits:

• Rich over at Four Four talked to Celia. On the show she seemed like one of the most levelheaded of the model wannabes, which is probably not unrelated to the fact that she's 25, not 21.

• Legendary Supermodel Paulina Porizkova has not taken her firing sitting...

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The Tiny Art Director

(Credit: The Tangent)

This site, wherein an artist takes commissions from his young daughter, is hilarious.

Here's a sample:

The Brief: A Crocodile

The Critique: What's he going to do to that bird? Is he going to eat him? That's not what I want. You have to do it with him killing that bird.

Job Status: Rejected

Additional Comments: Killing Daddy killing! Can you do it killing him?


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