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Close up on a collector

Rhonda Vitoulis, an employee of fashion label Alice + Olivia, had no intention of becoming an art collector until one day about 10 years ago she walked into Stefan Stux’s Chelsea gallery. “It just really never seemed like anything that would be in my realm of reality or affordability,” she said. But on that day, she was absolutely taken with a piece by artist Inka Essenhigh. “It...

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Collecting their thoughts

Whether you have a newfound love of art or are merely just fed up with the empty walls in your apartment, starting an art collection from scratch can be dizzying. But there’s no wrong way to collect art. We spoke with insiders from the New York art scene to get tips on how to get started.


The best way to prep for collecting is to simply see as much art as you can and...

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Muppets love 'Lost'

Oh hi! I still blog here. Here's a cute little video of Rizzo the Rat and Papa (?) Bear harrassing Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse about the end of "Lost."

My favorite part is the "Arrested Development" dig toward the end....

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