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Super Bowl ads: Bud makes an early release

Budweiser, the King of the Super Bowl — in 23 games since 1986 (and a total expenditure of $239 million the last 10 years alone) — has released one of its Super Bowl ads for Sunday.

A surprise? Yes, a surprise, because Bud is one of those strict adherents to the rule that the ad served fresh is the ad that's most effective. But the beer maker is trying to widen its social media footprint — to use the buzzword du jour — and this is one way to do it. Meanwhile, it is trying to get fans to interact, by naming the foal, via this hashtag: #clydesdales.

Meanwhile, here's the ad — and it is brand new and out just minutes ago (By the way, Bud has a number of other in-game spots.).

'30 Rock': Finale preview

Well, this is it, the end of "30 Rock," in a few hours. As we prepare for our fond, sad farewell, here are a few clips, previews, questions-answered, tours, and..the first review. On that note, go to the end of this post - if you are of a mind to do so - to check out Newsday's review of the  first episode of "30 Rock" way back on Oct. 11, 2006. Happy to say we got that one...

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Super Bowl ads: Willem Dafoe to star for Mercedes

Willem Dafoe has been cast in a Mercedes-Benz

(Credit: Getty Images)

Kate Upton and Usher are the big name pitchmen (and women) for Mercedes during Sunday's Super Bowl -- and now add another name: Willem Dafoe. Check out his starring role, released Wednesday:

'How I Met Your Mother' renewed for final season

From left, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor,

(Credit: AP)

And so it goes -- one of the signature sitcoms of the past decade will finally get the wrap party it deserves: CBS just announced that “How I Met Your Mother” will officially end next season. That will be the ninth one, if you are counting, and if ever there was a shaggy dog story that kept on keeping on, this is the one.

The show began auspiciously enough, but no one — not CBS nor co-creators Carter Bays or Craig Thomas — could have ever imagined in their wildest, craziest, most profitable dreams that this would stretch out nine seasons. (What must the children be thinking? Dad, will you just tell us how you met mom already? For crying out loud! We're nine years older and have graduated college...")

Who would have imagined that it would make an even bigger star of out Neil Patrick Harris, or turn Jason Segel into a movie star, or Cobie Smulders into a love object for millions of teen boys..? Or, that this show would actually add terms to the language — sort of secret handshakes between fans like, “The Blitz,” or “Reachers and settlers,” or MILSWANCA or the Mosby, or the Bro code, or the Woo Girl, or... hold on, lemme catch my breath... It was “Seinfeld-like” in that regard. And guest stars? ... We haven't got all day, sorry.

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But it very nearly is over. “Through eight years, "How I Met Your Mother" has mastered the art of leading-edge comedy, emotional water-cooler moments and pop culture catchphrases,” said Nina Tassler, president, CBS Entertainment. “We are excited for Carter, Craig, Pam Fryman and this amazing cast to tell the final chapter and reveal television’s most mysterious mother to some of TV’s most passionate fans.” 

FX's 'The Americans' tonight is worth checking out

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys star as Cold

(Credit: Handout)

FX's new drama, "The Americans," arrives tonight in a special 90-minute  launch starting at 10, and it's good. Here's my review. Check out the newish promo below. Yes, you'll giggle when the first face you see is that of Kerri Russell's, talking about how "I was seventeen when I joined the KGB..."  Yeah, sure you did, Felicity... But she's good in it, plus it stars the terrific Welsh actor, Matthew Rhys, most recently in Masterpiece Theatre's "The Mystery of Edwin Drood."  

'How I Met Your Mother:' 9th season renewal any minute now

The gang will likely still hold court in

(Credit: CBS)

Some show's futures are almost as interesting as their content, and “How I Met Your Mother” qualifies, or at least a little bit.

Fans have long been wondering -- is this ride over in a few months, with Barney and Robin (probably) married, and closure -- as well as a final answer as to how the heck Ted really did meet the mother of his children -- forthcoming? But no closure just yet.

Co-creator Craig Thomas told reporters on a conference call Tuesday that a  ninth season will almost certainly happen. “A deal like this is a big deal, and we don't want to get ahead of ourselves. But we'd be surprised if a deal weren't done shortly and we didn't have an announcement to make pretty soon. So we feel confident about it, but we're still waiting.”

  Go here to Zap2it for more details, but, about that wedding, it will happen, per Thomas.

Kesha MTV reality doc in April (gulp)

Best new artist nominee Ke$ha arrives at the

(Credit: AP )

Kesha -- I refuse in principle to use that silly "$" in her name, as in Ke$ha, so there Ms. Sebert -- will star in her own reality show on MTV this April. It is to have a limited run.

What to expect from this? If the brief clip below is any indication, nothing good. Lock the kids away or throw away the TV set. But Kesha's hot right now, so good luck with that. (I believe her memoir is doing well too -- “My Crazy Beautiful Life” -- which kind of begs the question, how can someone who's only 25 have a memoir?) This was, by the way, technically announced Monday night but for some reason, MTV is just getting around to the release now. By the way, it was shot more than two years ago, with her brother, Lagan, as EP. Meanwhile, here's what that release says:   

“Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life,” following music superstar Ke$ha (Ke$ha. Artists. MTV) as she navigates the drama, madness and euphoria of her professional and personal life while recording a new album and traveling the globe. Set to debut on MTV this April, the series will give viewers the opportunity to see Ke$ha under a completely, different spotlight.”

 And a bit  more . . .

With the show having been shot over the course of two years, viewers will actually witness the emotional and physical change that comes with fame. Throughout the series, Ke$ha strives to meet the expectations set by her initial success, while attempting to find love and have normal relationships while also growing more famous. The show explores family bonds, love, friendship, and the passion of an artist expressing herself through song. “

ABC News 'World News' anchor Diane Sawyer retire? (Well...)

Journalist Diane Sawyer and director Mike Nichols were

What now, Diane Sawyer: Anchor of "ABC World News"...one of the most powerful people in television...esteemed newswoman...famous the world over... you want to retire?!

 A report surfaced Tuesday morning in the New York Daily News' gossip column, "Confidential," which said that Sawyer, 67, has mused to close friends about leaving "World News" this year...

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VW's Super Bowl ad accused of being racist

Max Page starred in this Volkswagen commercial that

(Credit: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen has had some of the most memorable advertising in recent Super Bowl history — Darth Vader, kid, remember? -- but rare is the ad that is actually memorable before it appears in the game.

This brings us to das auto's “Get In. Be Happy” which has generated a bit of flak for use of a Jamaican voice for a white actor (from Minnesota, no less). It's got half a million views on YouTube already and if you click below, that'll be half a million and one.

But here's the thing: Is it racist? Obviously, it's playing with the idea behind the old Bobby McFerrin song “Don't Worry, Be Happy” song. Bobby, I believe, is from NYC, not Jamaica. But goes a step further. Critics might say it reinforces stereotypes.  In fact, critics have, including Charles Blow, in the New  York Times. Supporters might say: Don't worry, be happy, no big deal. What think you?

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Chris Cuomo leaving ABC News for CNN morning show

Chris Cuomo, co-anchor of ABC's weekly prime time

(Credit: AP)

Chris Cuomo, the veteran ABC News correspondent and brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, is moving to CNN, where he is expected to co-anchor a morning program designed to get well, viewers.

That's been an elusive goal for many many years at CNN in the morning, but Cuomo -- once groomed to take over at "GMA" -- is both up to the task and knows what he's up against.

Here are the official quotes -- and Cuomo is the second veteran ABC newsman to leap to CNN, following former White House chief correspodent Jake Tapper. Meanwhile, ABC has named David Muir Cuomo's replacement as co-anchor of "20/20:"  

Chris is an accomplished anchor who is already an established name in morning television, as well as a widely respected investigative journalist,” said Zucker. “What I love about Chris is that he is passionate about every story he tells, never forgets about the viewer and represents the type of journalism that makes CNN great.”

Cuomo said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to do what I value the most and hopefully to do the work that I do best. While it’s very difficult to leave ABC News, a place filled with people I have loved working with for many years, I am excited about my future with CNN.”

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