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Agent and reporter say nice stuff about Sean McManus

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In researching my Friday newspaper column on Sean McManus of CBS Sports/News, I spoke to both the powerful agent Sandy Montag and Armen Keteyian, a former CBS sports reporter and now CBS news reporter.

Each wound up on the cutting room floor, alas.

But there is no cutting room in the blogosphere.

Click below for their thoughts.Keteyian: "It's amazing to me that he's able to do what he does. I knew Sean was smart in sports. I didn't realize he was this smart to be able to do both jobs the way he does. The only guy who's ever really done it is Roone [Arledge]. But that was a different time and a different era.

"Sean has in many ways rebuilt the news division from the ground up, and at the same time he's responsible for a multi-billion-dollar sports division. So we do laugh about it sometimes. I'm sure today [Thursday] for Sean is a really enjoyable afternoon. It's kind of going back in time a little bit.

"We both understand the meaning of hard work, but neither one of us worked this hard in our life. And it's an incredibly stressful, pressure-filled position he's in and he's handled it with an incredible amount of grace and style.

"He's made some hard calls. What it boils down to is talent, can you do the job. For me it's journalism is journalism is journalism. For Sean it's journalism is journalism and business is business and people are people.

"I think he's really grown in dealing with people. Sports was a finite number, a smaller team. He's working with a very large group of people there and a lot of different kinds of personalities, and he's done an amazing job rallying the troops.

"What happened with Kimberly Dozier and losing a cameraman and a sound man in Iraq, the steps he took without equivocation to help people grieve and heal over that. Decisions he's made regarding changing the direction of the show, to bring in Rick Kaplan, who's been a tremendous asset.

"I know I sound like I'm in his corner, and I am. He hired me. I'm tremendously loyal to Sean, but on top of that he has been an incredible leader for this news division at a time we needed it."

Montag: "There are very few executives in our business that are able to pull that off where you have the president of CBS News also as the point person of the NCAA Tournament. I mean, it's always amazing for me to see.

"I've known Sean for 20 years. He's one of the most buttoned-up executives in our business, and he just has that capacity to understand all different businesses, from news to sports to entertainment, and I think that's what makes him unique."

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