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Alex Rodriguez cleverly creates diversion from book talk

(Credit: Watchdog)

Two last A-Rod related observations, then I promise not to mention him again for the rest of the baseball season. Or until this afternoon, whichever comes first.

1. What odds would your local bookie have given two weeks ago on Alex Rodriguez answering questions for 30 minutes on his first day of spring training, and not one of them being about Joe Torre's book?

2. Friend of WatchDog Mike McCarthy from USA Today used the word "verklempf" in describing A-Rod in his media column today. I prefer the spelling "ferklempt," but when a guy named McCarthy uses a Yiddish-ism in a national newspaper to describe a Dominican-American baseball superstar, it proves again what makes America great.

Now let's get out there and win the World Baseball Classic, U-S-A, against, um, A-Rod and the Dominicans!

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