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An idea for next generation of stadiums: fans in seats!

Wow. The virus of empty chairs at Yankee Stadium now has spread beyond the ultra-expensive seats to all parts of the ballpark.

I know the weather is not good this Wednesday, but it's an afternoon game, currently tied at 7 in the bottom of the seventh, and . . . where is everyone?

Some of the problem is unsold seats, of course. But here's another thing: Many of the empty seats were sold to someone, and many of those someones are off somewhere on a concourse or in a club - eating, drinking, talking and perhaps keeping an eye on the game on TV.

It has been happening all over the country since the big-concourse fad began, and now it's happening here, one of the last places to build new stadiums, ballparks and arenas designed to draw people away from their seats to spend money elsewhere.

Perhaps it's time for a new trend to develop for the next generation of sports facilities:

Keeping people in their seats to watch the game they have come to see, and expanding existing waiter services to bring food, beer and cash registers to them.

(UPDATE: 11th inning now, stadium even emptier than before.)

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