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Antonio Pierce believes Obama is the answer

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Darn it, I told the people at Fox News Channel I would do a blog post last night alerting readers that Antonio Pierce would be co-hosting "Fox and Friends" this morning. But I forgot.

(That used to be Tiki Barber's gig!)

I'm sorry.

Click below for highlights of what he said. They even let him stay after he endorsed Obama, a Democrat.On Pierce’s recent dog controversy:

Brian Kilmeade: Real quick Antonio, there is a little bit of controversy brought up you, you have some dogs, couple of pit bulls – what happened, and where are we at with that?

Pierce: You know basically I had somebody watching my dogs, my dogs got out somehow, supposedly, they are in a kennel, they are safe, they are taken care of. I gotta handle that stuff with the law, and it will be all handled, and they will be just fine. It is not as bad as it seems, but with all the stuff going on with dogs and athletes, it’s a big deal.

On Hillary Clinton’s chances to win Texas and Ohio primaries:

Pierce: They are going to have to have a great game plan to go out there in Texas and come away with those wins.

Kilmeade: There’s something about Obama that’s got the Hillary Clinton camp on its heels. Do you see it when you see him speak?

Pierce: Definitely, you can just see it by the response of the crowd, you see how the nation is taking to him. I think its something different, I think America is looking for a fresh change, and I think Obama is the answer.

On steroids in baseball controversy (w/ guest Cal Ripken):

Pierce: I think one thing with the steroids thing – you can’t just look at a group of players and just put that on the whole baseball league. You can’t just put that on Major League Baseball. You got 50 or so guys, that they are blaming for using steroids, or being accused of it – don’t put that on the whole league. It's just like if it happened in football, one guy gets blamed, you don’t want to see the whole league get kinda cast up.

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