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Honestly, I don't know where to begin in dissecting the events of Tuesday in Big Town, where I should have been most interested in the Michael Strahan/Chris Russo showdown on "Costas Now" but instead got sucked in by the multi-car pileup in which Buzz Bissinger rear-ended Will Leitch, with Bob Costas tossing gasoline and matches into the wreck.

As a middle-aged, mainstream media blogger, I understandably felt like a rubbernecker with sympathy for both sides but morbid fascination with the spectacle.

I can't even link to the video when (if) it turns up on YouTube, what with the naughty language and all. (From Buzz, not Will.)

My favorite line (and Will's) was curse-free. Bissinger called Leitch "Jimmy Olsen on Percocet." I'm not sure what that means, but it was hilarious.

Adding to the strangeness, all this happened hours after I sat down to chat with the elegant Vin Scully, who never has cursed out a fellow media member on national television, as far as I know.

Here is Leitch's take on it, well written as usual. I was one of the people he referenced who came up to him afterward to assess the possible psychological damage.

Bissinger and (more so) Costas made some good points, to be sure, even as things got a tad intense. That's what made it all so compelling.

(The show reruns at 6:30 Wednesday, by the way.)

I have one more day of old-school, mainstream media reporting that will limit my blogging, but I will make up for it in the coming days. Trust me.

The most disturbing news on Deadspin this morning had nothing to do with Buzz or Bob or Stray or Mad Dog.

It's that Jan Brady turned 50 yesterday.

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