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At least he didn't bury any of Ted Williams' body parts

Here is the video of Monday night's report by Keith Olbermann regarding the latest bit of Red Sox memorabilia buried in the new Yankee Stadium.

Here is my newspaper story on that topic.

More later on Olbermann somehow relating all of this to the 1914 Boston Braves.

(Click below for the entire transcript of Olbermann's report on "Countdown."Remember the construction worker and Boston Red Sox fan who tried to curse the new Yankee Stadium in New York by burying a Red Sox jersey in the freshly-poured cement of the new ballpark?

Apparently he didn't stop with just a shirt.

Our number two story on the Countdown: never mind finding a needle buried somewhere in a hay-stack... how are you going to find Gino Castignoli's scorecard... buried somewhere in 60-thousand cubic yards of Yankee Stadium cement?

Castignoli is the Bronx cement mason, life-long Red Sox fan and Yankee hater, who admitted last month to dropping a facsimile uniform bearing the name and number of Boston slugger David Ortiz into a wet floor being poured inside the New York stadium that will open next April.

Two weeks ago we showed you the hole the Yankees had to dig, in order to retrieve the hidden artifact, intended to somehow jinx the new facility.

The cement-laden uniform was auctioned off for charity...

The Bronx District Attorney declined to prosecute.

The Yankees threatened to sue Castignoli.

Now -- Countdown has learned exclusively -- Castignoli has told friends he stuck something else in the cement at the new ballpark.

An official program from the 2004 Yankees-Red Sox playoff series.

Like this one.

May not sound like much -- even today you can find one on eBay for less than 50 bucks.

But that was the year the Yankees led the Red Sox three games to none in the best-of-seven American League Championship Series... won the third game 19 to 8... and needed just one more victory to reach the World Series.

They still need it.

The Red Sox became the first team ever to rally from an Oh-Three death's door to win four straight post-season games.

They made the World Series -- and won it -- Boston's first triumph in the Fall Classic since 1918.

So, Castignoli now tells friends he rolled up one of the programs from the series...

And stuck it in the wet cement of the brand new ballyard in the Bronx.

And isn't telling anybody where.

That could pose a problem.

The new park is pretty big.

Co-workers said they remembered Castignoli working just one day at the construction site -- last summer...

His revelation came only last month, and initially he told the Yankees that the Ortiz jersey was buried near third base -- when, in fact, they found it in a hallway behind home plate.

And while every "ballpark curse" -- apocryphal or not -- always involves the team somehow jinxing itself -- not having it done by a fan of another team...

This could still be an even bigger mess for the Yanks.

While insisting on the Ortiz jersey and the 2004 scorecard...

Castignoli has told his friends several different stories about his hexing effort...

In one, the shirt, and the program are just, he says, the tip of the iceberg.

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