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Barack Obama divides media into Cubs, Sox sections

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President-elect Barack Obama's sports fetish is getting stranger by the week.

First, he lobbied for a college football playoff.

Then, he discussed Kurt Warner's comeback season in a comically awkward chat with John McCain.

Now this:

Dividing reporters for Monday's news conference into White Sox and Cubs sections? Cute, but a little nutty, from the Lefthander-in-Chief-Elect.

Most recent Presidents have been legitimate sports fans, from Richard Nixon (offering plays to the Redskins) to Gerald Ford (football star at Michigan) to Jimmy Carter (um, he did jog, I guess) to Ronald Reagan (worked as sportscaster, plus played George Gipp in movie) to George H.W. Bush (College World Series for Yale) to Bill Clinton (caused me to arrive late for 1994 NCAA final in Charlotte because he showed up to watch Arkansas, causing security delays) to George W. Bush (owned Texas Rangers) to Obama (likes ChiSox, considers Cubs fans effete).

Politics aside, it would have been nice to get a hockey fan into office for once. Maybe Sarah Palin can pull that off in 2012 or '16.

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