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Barack Obama knows more about hoops than I do

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Just watched Barack Obama fill out his bracket with ESPN's Andy Katz, picking North Carolina, his workout pals, to win it all.

I am not sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but the president of the United States knows way more about the teams involved in the tournament than I do.

He must have more free time than me because he doesn't waste his on sports talk radio.

Highlights of his session with Katz: Risking the wrath of his brother-in-law, who coaches Oregon State, by repeatedly dismissing (and dissing) Pac-10 teams.

Also, his response when Katz asked him whether he watched the Syracuse-UConn game in the Big East Tournament:

"I can't be staying up 'til 2 in the morning, man. I've got work to do."

Obama said he would watch some of the tournament even while traveling, as Air Force One gets DirecTV. He better pay for "Mega March Madness" out of his own pocket.

Here is Katz's story on this. And here is Obama's bracket. And here is his official entry in ESPN's bracket challenge.

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