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Bill Bradley talks to Myron Rolle about Rhodes honor

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Myron Rolle of Florida State Saturday became the most prominent college jock to win a Rhodes Scholarship since Bill Bradley.

In the week leading up to the big event, Sirius XM's "College Football Coaches Show" hosts Jack Arute and Gary Danielson surprised Rolle while interviewing him by having Bradley join them by phone.

Click below for a transcript of their encounter.Myron Rolle: "Bill Bradley has certainly been a role model for me since I was a youth. I went to high school in Princeton, N.J., and obviously I heard a lot about his accomplishments as a basketball player and as a politician. Then I found out he was a Rhodes Scholar as well. I got the idea about [the Rhodes Scholarship] through high school and when I got to college I got the opportunity to pursue it and I did."

The hosts then informed Rolle that Bradley was on the phone.

Bill Bradley: "In Cecil Rhodes' will he laid out the criteria for selection of a Rhodes Scholar: three-tenths academic, three-tenths character, two-tenths leadership and two-tenths interest in what he called the 'manly outdoor sports.' So, ideally, a Rhodes Scholar has an interest in sports. They've often gone far away from that and you get people who really have never done any exercise but there are from time to time athletes who actually are smart and they apply and they get it. And I think one of the key things is if you are a really outstanding athlete it interests the committee because you've understood what excellence is, and if you've understood what excellence is in sport then, by analogy, you've taken that to, in your case, Myron, science and did extremely well."

Rolle: "Coming into Florida State University, I had a plan and I made sure that Coach Bowden and Coach Mickey Andrews and some of the academic support staff understood what I wanted to do while I was a student at Florida State, go into Pre-Med courses and continue to work hard in the classroom and have success there while also playing football. So I really just laid out specifics, this is what I want to do, these are the courses I would like to take, this is when I would like to graduate. I made education a priority and the coaches really helped me fulfill all my requirements and manage both school and football by allowing me to miss practice sometimes, meetings sometimes. And it worked out for me."

Bradley: "It's the old story, the whole person, which is body and mind. There's no reason why somebody who is a great athlete can't also be a great student. There are a lot of transfer qualities and you just have to have the discipline and focus that Myron has shown in order to do both."

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