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Bill Cowher on Jim Zorn: 'He lost his dignity and lost his credibility'

Head coach Jim Zorn of Washington Redskins watches

Head coach Jim Zorn of Washington Redskins watches on against the Carolina Panthers. (October 11, 2009) (Credit: Getty Images)

Perhaps you thought that with the Yankees in the World Series, I would not have time for my weekly Monday roundup of NFL studio quotes from my TV p.r. friends.

If so, you were wrong.

NBC's Rodney Harrison on Eli Manning's pass to David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII, on which Tyree battled Harrison for the ball: 

"I've had six surgeries in 15 years of playing football and this is probably the most pain I've ever felt . . . It's actually emotional every time I see it because sometimes I sit back and think what could I have done to just rip it off. But it's just fate. It was meant to be."

ESPN's Mike Ditka on the idea of an NFL team in London:

"It’s not the right thing to do. Football doesn’t belong over there. It’s a stupid thing to say, period. It’s an American game, not a European game."

CBS's Bill Cowher on how Jim Zorn handled being stripped of play-calling duties:

"He lost his dignity and he lost his credibility.  To me, he lost his ability to be a head coach and lead this football team.  He's nothing more than a figure head right now."

Fox's Terry Bradshaw on Titans coach Jeff Fisher wearing a Peyton Manning jersey at a charity event:

“I have a big problem with it. If you are a player in that locker room and the coach is separating himself from you, he’s basically turned around and told the players, 'You're the losers.’ I’m disappointed in Fisher.”

NFL Network's Marshall Faulk on the Fisher incident:

"He's making light of the situation. If you are a player on this team and you're upset, you should have already been upset . . . Seriousness starts in Week 1, not when you're 0-6."

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