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'Blind Side' needs a darker side

My tween and teen very much enjoyed "The Blind Side," the new movie starring Quinton Aaron as a large left tackle and Sandra Bullock as a sassy Southern lady, seeing in it a family friendly vibe captured in this review in the Post.

Their more cynical dad saw it more like the much less positive reviews in Newsday and The New York Times, the latter of which pretty much nails every one of my qualms with the film, including one of its central flaws:

To call it Disney-esque is to ignore the fact Disney at least knows enough about storytelling that it would have delved more deeply into the darker sides of the tale than "The Blind Side" does.

The Tuohys of Memphis, the adoptive parents of the Ravens' Michael Ohr, are very nice people in real life, from what I've heard from people who know them.

But their relentless, strangely complication-free niceness here does not make for a nuanced, thought-provoking film experience.

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