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Here's a Deadspin post by Leitch about the thing with Buzz last night (see post below).

Industry sources had tipped me off Buzz might be on the show. Someone saw him in a Yankee Stadium concourse Tuesday night, so I knew he was in town.

The person who saw him told me he still looked angry.

The best segment on the show was the one in which Willie Mays and Hank Aaron shot the breeze, with Bob Gibson making a cameo. Did I mention Seaver struck out Mays three times in the first major league game I ever saw in person?

Really, I have to go now. The newspaper still produces the vast majority of our revenues, and I am trying to keep Mr. Dolan from losing interest in buying us before the deal closes.

Feel free to amuse yourselves with comments ripping Carton or ripping me for putting his bobblehead in my office. If it makes you feel any better, my picture of Ken Dryden in goal seems to be peering down at it, disapprovingly.

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