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Bobby Valentine is in at ESPN, Steve Phillips out (for now)

Bobby Valentine has been at ESPN for less than a week and already he has accomplished something he was unable to do the last time he and Steve Phillips worked together:

Outlast him.

But seriously, folks . . .

Here is the 911 call from Marni Phillips on the night an ESPN production assistant with whom her husband had had a brief affair allegedly visited their home in Wilton, Conn.

It's a reminder that for all the gossipy amusement many of us have gotten out of this story over the past two days, it's a serious matter.

As for ESPN, it has sought in recent years to clean up its long-standing image as a post-graduate fraternity house in central Connecticut.

This will not help.

But let's be careful before being too hard on the Bristol Boffers. Let the first large company that is without sin cast the first blog post.

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