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Boomer Esiason apologizes to Troy Aikman on MSG

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Peace for our time! Troy Aikman taped Boomer Esiason's show this afternoon - it debuts at 11 p.m. Wednesday on MSG - and they opened with Boomer apologizing for the recent unpleasantness between the two.

To review: Esiason had accused the Fox analyst of leaning the Cowboys' way during a recent Pokes-Cardinals game.

Here was the opening exchange:

Boomer: "All right, joining us now is my new bias, I mean best friend, Troy Aikman from Dallas. First let me say this publicly Troy, in front of everybody: I do apologize for our little tiff about two weeks ago. I’m sure your week has been a little calmer than it was two weeks ago.”

Aikman: “Yeah, you know it was a bit calmer and hey, I appreciate it. We both know we’ve been in the business long enough, we say things we regret, maybe wish we hadn’t have. I will tell you though, for a couple of old, washed-up, has-been quarterbacks, it was kind of nice being back in the headlines again.”

Boomer: “Yeah, it made us relevant, for all the wrong reasons, though.”

Click below for more from Aikman's appearance, via satellite.Aikman on whether there is a better team than the Giants in the NFC:

“I don’t think so, I think they are the cream of the crop. Their record suggests that. But you look at this group, I think last week really epitomizes what this team has been about. It’s not always about style points, they don’t always look great doing it, at least from an offensive standpoint. But just time after time we see them make plays….They make plays when they have to make them and Eli Manning hangs in there and doesn’t always look pretty. Defensively, that’s always been the group that’s been most impressive to me. Going back to last year, we talked about the Cowboys and the injuries they’ve experienced defensively. This group has been through a lot as well when you consider how Michael Strahan retired, Osi Umenyiora goes down, they’re still getting great pressure on the quarterback. Antonio Pierce missed a game two weeks ago and Gerris Wilkerson, their weak side linebacker, goes down. This group has had a lot of reasons to make excuses for not playing well also, but they haven’t done that. Tom Coughlin and that staff, Steve Spagnuolo, I think they’ve been absolutely terrific and it’s a great group of guys who are playing very, very hard together.”

Aikman on how he would have handled having a receiver such as Plaxico Burress on his team:

"He and I would struggle a little bit. I know a lot of people try to make comparisons with these wide receivers with Michael Irvin, and I would like to tell you, and everybody who played with Michael Irvin would tell you, that he was arguably the hardest-working player on our team…There’s a big difference in these two guys. Plaxico Burress is a guy they obviously need on the field but I know with talking to a number of people both in the front office and players, I think everyone’s grown a little tired of the situation. I will say that Tom Coughlin has the support of every one of those players and that’s good, that’s a good thing. They let him handle things the way that he has, and they like that, they like what he did last week in benching Plaxico Burress, where it was a big game for him to go home to Pittsburgh where he spent his first five seasons. It’s nice to see, maybe it wasn’t always the case, but it’s amazing to see what a world championship will do for a coach. Coughlin has the full support of that team.”

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