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Brett Favre can make a sports media critic dizzy

(Credit: Watchdog)

Here are Glauber's and Boland's stories about the latest Favre Kerfuffle.

The media end of the saga took another strange turn on the late SportsCenter Wednesday night, when ESPN credited Fox for the original Favre story Sunday, then added Favre denied the story to Peter King of SI and NBC. But it never mentioned ESPN itself initially declined to so much as mention Fox's report because its own reporting had determined it was not true.

Hey, wait: Wasn't it unfair of ESPN to pin the denial story on King without saying its own small army of Friends of Favre also had gotten denials initially?

Fascinating. At least for the sports media groupies who read this blog. I shouldn't waste precious space in the newspaper on this, should I?

I have a headache. Someone page Le Anne Schreiber.

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