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Buckner on 'Curb,' A-Rod on 'Entourage'

Big Sunday night coming up for those of us who subscribe to HBO, who have electricity and who enjoy New York sports-related cameos.

On "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Bill Buckner and Mookie Wilson turn up during Larry's stay in New York, with Buckner playing a significant role in the episode.

There is strangeness aplenty as Buckner again proves himself to be a good sport about you-know-what. He even reveals a taste for kishka, of all things.

The show also features an all-time classic pregame manager's speech before a rec softball championship game. I plan to steal some of the material when I deliver such a speech myself at 7:45 p.m. Thursday.

The next-to-last "Entourage" features four New York sports figures. I'm not sure how well publicized two of them have been so I'll leave those alone.

But it is no secret the show was at Yankee Stadium earlier this season taping Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez.

Tex seems like a mostly quiet, bland fellow, but I thought he did an excellent acting job. A-Rod? Less so.

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