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Buzz Bissinger, Will Leitch reunite on 'Costas Now'

(Credit: Watchdog)

I am going to try today to watch my tape of last night's "Costas Now" and watch the British Open live and write a newspaper column simultaneously, so please forgive me for light blogging.

So far I have seen Buzz Bissinger and Will Leitch sitting next to each other enjoying pre-show beers and hot dogs, and even hugging. Now Pete Rose is asking for a second chance.

CBS Radio sent me a Boomer Esiason/Craig Carton bobblehead from the batch handed out at the Cyclones game Monday night. Not a bad likeness of Boomer.

Here's the question: If I can't ethically accept gifts that have value, can I accept this?

There's a bid for one right now on eBay for $5.50. Hmm. Value? Oh, heck, I'm keeping it.

The Joe Benigno/Evan Roberts bobblehead must have gotten lost in the mail.

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