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Caller rips Heyman, Mike Francesa agrees with him

(Credit: Watchdog)

Yikes. Mike from Montclair just ripped respected, well-connected SI baseball scribe, former Newsday columnist, loyal WatchDog reader and current WFAN contributor Jon Heyman . . . and Mike Francesa agreed with him!

Mike M.: "You ask him a question, he goes on for 10 minutes. He does not allow you to ask a followup question! He has run-on sentences! Am I wrong or right?"

Mike F.: "Partially right, partially right."

Mike M.: "He doesn't stop! Tell him to make his answers more short, concise, to the point, so you can follow up with another question."

Mike F.: "It's something he has to work on. You happen to be right. You picked up on a good point. You happen to be right, yes, yes. We will work on it, yes. We have worked on it. But you are right, yes. Hey, I can't knock him. He's right."

I have asked Mr. Heyman if he cares to comment. No word on that yet.

If anyone out there has a stranger job than mine, please let me know. Just curious.

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