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Canadians win skating title, Floridians win dancing title

Congratulations to NEXXICE of Canada for winning the world synchronized skating championship in Zagreb and ending a long Scandinavian stranglehold on the title.

And a laurel and hearty handshake to the Miami Heat on its fourth consecutive NBA Dance Team bracket championship, including a stomping of the Rockets in the final.

I had forgotten about the tournament after the Knicks and Nets bowed out, but was reminded of it by my Twitter friend Charlie Villanueva, who mixed dance branket tweets between ones about UConn basketball.

Visited Basketball Hall of Fame with WatchDog pups in Springfield Tuesday. I heartily recommend it - especially on a quiet day in April when you pretty much have the place to yourself. Among the interactive exhibits was one that measures vertical leap. Is 13 inches good for a fat 48-year-old?

Stopped at ESPN on the way home to say hello. Saw loyal WatchDog reader and former Newsday paper boy Brian (Levittown) Kenny in the news room. He is well aware of the intense interest here from Max Kellerman fans about what went wrong in their 1050 partnership. He declined to comment on that subject.

Had my first ever white clam pizza at Pepe's in New Haven Sunday. Very interesting.

Speaking of ESPN, a Reilly-Simmons podcast summit.

Monday's NCAA title game averaged 11.9 percent of homes in major markets, down from 12.8 last year. Understandable given that the 2008 game was an overtime thriller and the '09 game was a snoozefest mismatch.

How did Clark Kellogg do in his first Final Four for CBS? Nothing awful, but much like the three games he had to work with, nothing memorable. He certainly is an amiable presence alongside Jim Nantz, but there were times I did miss Billy Packer's relentless (and sometimes annoying) dissection of strategy.

YES and Verizon announced a deal in which Verizon will offer YES programs, including Yankees games, on demand.

Fox begins another season of MLB coverage Saturday, sans its 30-minute pregame show. Click below for interesting comments on that subject from Fox Sports president Ed Goren that the Sports Business Daily transcribed off a conference call Tuesday that I missed while shooting at a peach basket at the Hall of Fame.Goren:

“Like every other business, whether it's newspapers or other broadcasters, there was certainly a need to tighten up our broadcast and focus on sales for the game.

“The pregame in the past, for the most part, hasn’t had any national inventory. So we decided that, in this environment, certainly we weren’t going to come on at 3:30.

“There’s a tremendous amount of baseball coverage on a daily basis today before you even get to the Internet. Doing the weekly show for a half-hour really isn’t as significant as it has been through the years.”

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