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Candidate for Vice President joins WatchDog Nation

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Speaking of politics . . .

I received what appears to be a legitimate e-mail from Wayne Allyn Root, the Vice Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party and a sports handicapper (with a bit of an unsavory reputation) whose ads have been running on WFAN.

I had suggested Mr. Root would be a more relevant halftime interview for "Monday Night Football" than Barack Obama or John McCain. Mr. Root's response:

"You are correct - I'd make one heck of a political interview for Berman. I guarantee you that I'm the only Vice Presidential candidate who can teach Chris about how to cut government, cut taxes, increase freedom, rescind the bailout, increase school choice... and analyze the MNF game too."

Here's what I don't get: I have written much more about Gov. Sarah Palin than about Root, but I still am waiting for my first e-mail from her.

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