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Carlos Delgado's non-homer inspires emotional calls

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Here is a bunch of stuff I was going to write about in my Tuesday newspaper column before I found out about this article by my old St. John's beat pal Ian O'Connor:

For those of us with a vested interest in chaos and controversy, the Mets’ comfy victory Sunday night was a disappointment.

Imagine the fun to be had in Media City if the umpires’ fourth-inning boo-boo had cost the visitors a victory.

Oh, well. It still was interesting to listen to the live accounts of Carlos Delgado’s non-three-run-homer off the leftfield foul pole.

As you would expect, the Mets’ duo on WFAN was more emotional than the Yankees’ on WCBS, but it’s not as if John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman were in denial.

“That’s a terrible call,’’ said Waldman, drawing out the key word, Bill Walton-style. “That’s an awful call.’’

On WFAN, though, Howie Rose grew agitated.

“Oh, boy,’’ he said. “That’s a home run! Oh, boy. This is three runs here! This is three runs at stake! . . . That’s got to be a three-run home run! Oh, boy.’’

Rose went on to express shock at how quickly the third base ump changed his initial call. “If I need a lawyer, I’m not calling Mike Reilly, because he gave up on that case too quickly,’’ he said.

Neither Sterling or Wayne Hagin had any idea initially what was going on, owing to their vantage point on the left side of the press area.

“That ball is, I don’t know what it is,’’ Sterling said. “Is it gone? Is it a fair ball? It’s a fair ball, and it’s a three-run home run for Delgado.’’

Said Hagin: “Line drive down the leftfield line; that is going, going and foul, right at the foul pole, or did it go? It is a home run!’’

On TV, Jon Miller had a better first look, saying, “Down the leftfield line, toward the corner . . . That is a fair ball, a home run!’’

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