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CBS's Clark Kellogg goes 4-for-Final Four

(Credit: Watchdog)

Good CBS: Analyst Clark Kellogg nailed the Final Four on Selection Sunday when he picked all four No. 1 seeds.

“We look to the Final Four now. I'm interested in seeing all number one seeds," he said that night. "I think UCLA is terrific, Final Four experience the last two years, Memphis, Elite Eight experience, Kansas terrific balance, North Carolina terrific balance and firepower. I think these four teams are the teams that separated themselves out.”

Bad CBS: If bolting to "60 Minutes" as quickly as possible is more important than providing a real post-game show after a thriller like Davidson-Kansas, maybe it's time to let someone else show the games. That way "60 Minutes" always can start on time!

Apologies in advance for probable lack of Monday posts. I have to do my newspaper job.

Happy Opening Day, everyone. And get well soon, Bobby Murcer and Bob Sheppard. You both will be missed at the Stadium.

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