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Charles Barkley has issues with MVP voting

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Say what you will about Charles Barkley, but there is no more efficient producer of useful quotes in all of sports media.

You will be reading bits and pieces of his wit and (sometimes) wisdom from a TNT conference call in the blog and paper all week as I carefully spread the wealth.

Tuesday the blog featured him ripping the media for a double standard regarding Isiah Thomas and Pat Riley. Today he weighs in on MVP voting.

Here is the quote TNT sent in a press release: "I got (upset) at a lot of reporters who said that Kobe should win because he’s never won before. This isn’t a lifetime achievement award. Based on the regular season, if the Lakers have the best record, (Bryant) deserves it. But to say that he deserves it because he’s never won it…that’s just stupid.”

Here is more from notes I typed while listening live: "These reporters are always screwing up awards. Kobe Bryant's always been the best player, but you gave it to Steve Nash twice and you gave it to Dirk. If I had a vote I’d give it to Kobe because they have the best record in the West."

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