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Chris Carlin does not miss rising at 4 in the morning

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I spoke to Chris Carlin last week about his new gig co-hosting the Mets' studio shows with Bob Ojeda as well as appearing on SNY's "Loud Mouths" and "Beer Money," the latter with new co-host Alexi Panos (right).

"I'm just kind of like every guy out there watching sports; I mean, look at me," he said. "If they were looking for a classic TV anchor, they barked up the wrong tree . . . Not only physically but in terms of what I say I relate to the fan because I’m just an average guy."Carlin will be in the potentially awkward situation of ripping the Mets as a commentator on "Loud Mouths" then walking five feet to the Mets set, where he presumably will offer a more measured take.

"Occasionally my opinions are going to be in there," he said. "It’s not going to be me yelling at Bobby. At the same time part of being yourself is to say what you think. But it’s not going to be me yelling at him like I yell at [Adam] Schein."

Carlin said he quickly got used to no longer being on the air at 5 a.m. after he left WFAN.

"I adjusted on the first day - 9:50 is when I woke up on Day One . . . The transition, schedule-wise, has not been hard. I’m more of a night person to begin with."

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