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Chris Chambliss thought Willie had slipped, not slid

(Credit: Watchdog)

I was chatting with Chris Chambliss this morning, because we often like to catch up after big baseball moments, see how each other's families are doing and so forth.

Well, OK, it also had something to do with him being a paid spokesman for a new DVD collection called "Essential Games of Yankee Stadium," one of which featured an important home run by the aforementioned Mr. Chambliss.

I asked him what he thought of the slide into second by Willie Randolph Sunday night when his old teammate was introduced.

"Only Willie would do something like that," Chambliss said. "I thought he slipped or something. But he did a nice little pop-up slide."

Randolph later was waiting for an elevator with a group of reporters and bragging about the slide and the raspberry it produced on his leg. He sure seems a lot happier since he got away from the Mets' bullpen.

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