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Chris Russo differs with Francesa on competition issue

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Well, friends, we have come to the end of another weird, wacky week, and what better way to wrap up this particular week than this:

Chris Russo's response Friday on Sirius XM to Mike Francesa's assertion that he does not consider Sirius competition for his WFAN program.

The funniest part is Russo complaining that WFAN's Boomer Esiason isn't allowed to go on with him.

Click below to read it, my fellow gluttons for punishment.

Photo: Getty"How are we not in competition with the local radio in New York? You know how many people in New York have Sirius XM because of Stern? What, a couple of million people, easy, have Sirius because of Stern.

"They might also be sports fans. Well, they have a lot of different places to get their sports if they're big sports fans. They have a couple of terrestrial, they have myself, if they have Sirius. They have a couple of different places.

"The better job I do, the less inclined that person will be to go somewhere else for a sports fix. So we are in competition, whether anybody wants to admit it or not. We might be the third guy on the totem pole, because of the fact we're not always available to everybody, but we are in competition with everybody. The idea we're not is absurd.

"The better Super Bowl show that I do would hopefully, for the person who's got both choices, he'd be more apt stay here than go somewhere else. It makes perfect sense.

"Also the idea that, again, WFAN has kept me out of a lot of the New York spots in the last five, six months. They kept me out of spring training, kept me out of the opening [of the] NFL, no Boomer Esiason. If we're not in competition, why are those things happening? We're in competition with The Score in Chicago, we're in competition with KLAC in L.A., we're in competition with the Sports Ticket in Dallas, of course we're in competition.

"What, do you think we're playing here to lose? I'm playing here to win. I'm pulling out here to win; I'm not pulling out here to lose."

"I mean, you want people to tune away from local radio to come to us. That's what we're in business for. We want to make sure the average person, whatever town we're in, says, 'You know what? This guy is better than my guy. I'm going here,' or, 'This guy is better than [Jim] Rome, I'm going here.'

"This is competition, whether or not anybody wants to think it's competition."

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