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Chris Russo is sidelined for two days by throat issues

(Credit: Watchdog)

On Chris Russo's first day on the job at Sirius XM Satellite Radio, he expressed concern about how his voice would hold up given the rigors of working solo and on an outlet with less commercial time than WFAN.

Whether all those hours caught up to him or it just was one of those things, he was sidelined Thursday and Friday by laryngitis. Scott Wetzel and Bill Lekas sat in for him Thursday and Andy Gresh (right) Friday.

Russo, who had at least one serious bout with laryngitis during his WFAN days, is expected back in the saddle Monday.

His show, "Mad Dog Unleashed," launched in September, but he has not yet filled in the other 19 hours of sports talk on his Mad Dog Channel.

Sirius XM's goal for doing so was sometime this autumn. When might it happen? "Soon," a spokesman said.

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