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Chris Russo liked Devils games more than Francesa

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One of the biggest sources of tension between Mike Francesa and Chris Russo was "remote" broadcasts, with Russo favoring them much more often than Francesa.

Francesa admitted in my Sunday newspaper column that he often was in the wrong in turning down Russo's attempts to take the show on the road . . . including to Devils games.

Click below for an expanded version of Francesa's take, and why he often resisted out-of-town remotes.On remotes as a source of tension between Francesa and Russo:

“That was always an issue. He always wanted to do more remotes, absolutely, without question that was an issue. We used to fight about it, and he was probably right a lot of the times, and I was wrong. I admit that. But I’ve never loved doing remotes unless they’re very big events: Super Bowl, Yankee playoff games. I’ve never liked doing remotes for the sake of remotes.

“He liked to travel more than I did. I traveled a lot for CBS when I was young. I used to travel every week. Traveling is not a big thrill for me anymore. I’d rather be home. Yes, that was an issue. And I admit I was probably wrong about that because I probably should have been less adversarial in that approach. Dog definitely got angry at me more than once or twice about me not wanting to do as many remotes, especially out of town. In town remotes very rarely were an issue.

“Once or twice he wanted to go to the Devils in the playoffs and I didn’t. We had a couple of fights about that. I do admit that. So Lou Lamoriello can be happy with him and mad at me. So that is true. But most of the time it was out of town remotes, like an extra spring training trip or something like that, or going wherever. But I’m more of a big event guy. I didn’t like remotes as much as Dog. That’s an absolute fact of life.’’

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