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Chris Russo rant leads to madness on Sirius XM

Speaking of sports radio (see post below), nothing during my vacation generated more emails than Chris Russo’s rant on Sirius XM, in which he lambasted the hosts on his station and “fired’’ program director Steve Torre.

Was it real? Was it a publicity stunt? Or was it Chris being Chris, only getting a tad more carried away than usual with his shtick?

From what I can tell, it was a little of Plan B and a lot of Plan C.

Here is what I do know: No one has been fired, and despite vowing to ditch his vacation this week and scour the nation for new hosts, Russo has been spotted at the Newport (R.I.) Country Club.

Also, those statistics he cited about how his channel is among the lowest-rated at Sirius? Not based in any reality I have been able to unearth.

Still playing around with new blogging system (which you won't see until next week) every time I post something here.

Learned how to link and embed video, but still haven't taken the big plunge into posting pictures.

The biggest change you will see in the new blog look is the lesser variety of pictures. Our Web gurus have decided to enforce annoying niceties such as copyright infringement laws.


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