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Chris Russo talks to Peter King, Frank Gifford

I keep forgetting to check in on our old pal Chris Russo via my Internet-based Sirius XM connection. But I remembered at the top of this hour, and have been listening for 20 minutes to him talk to Peter King, just like old times.

At 4, he is scheduled to have Frank Gifford in to talk about his new book about the '58 NFL Championship Game.

I will monitor the situation for the next little while and report back to you if anything weird happens on the show.

Hey, wait, Peter just said he doesn't "give a flying fig" about the last play of Sunday's Chargers-Steelers game, because he is not interested in the problems of gamblers.

Now he's ripping people "yammering" about the play who were "dumb enough" to bet on football, and thus got what they deserved.

That was amusing.

Sirius stock is selling at about 20 cents a share today. Yikes.

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