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Chris Simms appears on camera during Phil's game!

(Credit: Watchdog)

Phil Simms worked an NFL game involving one of his son Chris' teams for the first time Sunday. But Chris, a reserve for the Titans, remained on the sideline against the Jets, allowing Phil to avoid an awkward situation.

CBS did eventually show Chris on camera late in the game. Phil said Chris refused to give him inside information on the Titans.

Speaking of people who went into their father's profession, as a baby boomer with an interest in TV, I read this story about Jennifer Aniston in The Times' magazine and wondered this as she went through TV references from "Captain Kangaroo" to "Land of the Lost" to "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to "Rhoda" to "That Girl":

Is Ms. Aniston older than I thought she was? Nope. She's only 39. Which means she either has a really good memory or saw some of those shows primarily in reruns.

Especially "That Girl," which ABC took off the air in 1971. But in fairness she said her father was a friend of Marlo Thomas (who later played Ms. Aniston's mother on "Friends") and that he appeared on the show. So it would make sense for young Jennifer to have watched Dad in reruns.

All this means Jennifer Aniston and I have something in common: We both knew Marlo Thomas when we were young children. But I digress.

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