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Citi Field gets positive reviews; urinals save on water

Here is the roundup of our Citi Field coverage, including my gushy column on the fan experience and Peter Gianotti's early take on the food offerings - many of which were not yet available.

Peter took along his daughter, who evidently is a more adventurous eater than mine, who stuck to a hamburger (good), fries (mushy) and batting helmet Carvel (expensive).

I had sushi (pretty good, actually) and steak tacos (eh).

As I wrote, one highlight for me and many other fans was the flush-free urinals. Mets executive VP Dave Howard explains how they work:

“There’s a liquid just below the opening of the drain that allows urine to pass through but seals off odors. Each urinal saves 40,000 gallons of water per year. So you do the math. That’s millions of gallons of water we’ll be saving a year.’’


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