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Citi Field is a theme park; Yankee Stadium is a museum

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Here's my gushy column on the first game at new Yankee Stadium, a companion piece to my gushy column on Citi Field last weekend.

It's part of our varied coverage of the games at both new stadiums here.

(Nice of the Giants to throw a wrench into the festivities by axing Plax on a Friday afternoon. Yikes!)

Unlike many of my colleagues, I did not go on any tours of the stadiums as they rose, so my reactions to the finished products were similar to what most fans will experience.

And there is no question both have significant wow factors . . . even if we did have to wait 17 years after Camden Yards for our turn in the modern stadium parade.

The only disconcerting thing about Yankee Stadium - other than the prices, of course - is how similar it looks to the original, which begs the question: Why exactly was it we needed a new one?

Just kidding. I know: concourses!

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