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Citi Field offers captioning even though SNY does not

In the wake of my recent column on the lack of closed captioning on SNY, several sharp-eyed readers noticed Sunday at Citi Field that public address announcements were accompanied by a text version on a display screen.

Speaking of the Citi scoreboard, there are a number of seats in the lower deck from which the main board is not visible because of the overhang.

But there are TVs attached to the ceiling, and fans without a view of the main board can keep up with it that way, Mets executive VP Dave Howard said.

One thing to keep in mind about the gushing reviews the Prudential Center got a couple of years back, and that Citi Field got Sunday and that Yankee Stadium will get Friday and that the Jets/Giants stadium will get next year:

All of these places are or will be state of the art, no doubt. But to fans in most other major cities, these types of modern sports palaces already are old hat.

The wow factor is exaggerated in the New York area in part because we are 5-10 years behind the curve in erecting 21st-century style facilities.

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