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Clemens v. Piazza was strange

6. Henrik Lundqvist unmoved by Ice Girls, April

6. Henrik Lundqvist unmoved by Ice Girls, April 3, 2007

The Rangers-Islanders rivalry veered in a new direction when Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist refused to budge from his goal crease when an Ice Girl, Kelli Higgins, sought to clear excess snow.

When Higgins tried to work around Lundqvist, she made contact with his stick, which he then used to take a swipe at her squeegee, which struck her in the abdomen, which caused a welt. (Credit: Paul J. Bereswill)

Here is the latest entry in my '00s in review series, this time focusing on strange moments in New York sports over the past 10 years.

Round up the usual suspects: Pedro, Roger, midges, Ice Girls, Santa Claus, Castillo, 'Melo, Mets, etc.

Is this the end of the series, given the fact the calendar reads Dec. 31, 2009?

Heck, no. Thanks to all the baseball news in December (who knew?) and the fact both New York football teams ended up staying in contention most of the month (who knew?), the series got a little backed up.

So . . . more to come!

Photo: Paul J. Bereswill

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