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Comment imposters risk rocks in their trick-or-treat bags

(Credit: Watchdog)

Effectively immediately, I'm banning comments in which the writer posts using the name of a public figure, even if it is done for the purpose of satire.

I'm all for the libertarian, cyperspace ethos - I even voted Libertarian in the 1992 and '96 Presidential elections! - and I hate to censor.

But this has gotten tiresome. If you want to comment, feel free to use your real name, or make up a fake name, or simply write "Anonymous."

No more using other people's names (or nicknames), though. Thanks for your cooperation.

(UPDATE: I should have mentioned it's OK for this particular post to violate the rule I just set as long as your comment is for the purpose of making fun of me, as some of you already have. But after this post, stop it! I mean it!)

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