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Connecticut Sun's loss is Mike Francesa's gain

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As Ca-Boom pointed out on WFAN this morning, the Liberty's elimination of the Connecticut Sun from the playoffs frees Sun play-by-play man Bob Heussler to join Mike Francesa as his regular update man.

What about the rest of Francesa's supporting cast? Who knows? Ca-Boom keeps (jokingly?) prodding Chris Carlin on that subject, but I don't know whether he (with or without Kim Jones) is headed for the gig.

Francesa says he still is mulling things over, including in an item in my Tuesday newspaper column, nearly three weeks after the Sept. 5 goal he set for himself.

Francesa said Monday the process was slowed as he considered candidates who turned out to be unavailable.

I mentioned in my item that Francesa is known to have spoken to Ian Eagle and Bill Simmons, but I neglected to make clear that they presumably turned out to be on the unavailable list. I'll fix that in the Web version of the column, through the magic of the Internet.

I didn't used to be so sloppy. Now I'm like those aging play-by-play men who still offer echoes of their youthful primes but increasingly make mistakes and eventually are sent to call Cardinals-Falcons games before finally fading into retirement.

But I digress.

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