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Cooperstown is a souvenir shopping haven

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I took my daughters for their first visit to Cooperstown this week and my first in more than a quarter century.

I recommend it, especially during weird times of year when you can avoid the summer mobs.

As enjoyable as the Hall of Fame and museum itself is, one of the best attractions is the remarkable array of baseball-related stuff available in the shops that line each side of Main Street.

It's enough to make even the most shopping-averse person - notice how I avoided writing "shopping-averse man," which might have been construed as sexist - willing to spend hours browsing.

I had a brief chat with former Yankees p.r. man Jeff Idelson, the long-time p.r. man at the Hall whose job had included following players such as Barry Bonds around and asking for stuff after they set records or reach milestones.

Idelson learned earlier this week that he was the interim president of the whole place after Dale Petrosky resigned under pressure. So he seemed a little busy when we saw him Wednesday.

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