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Cowboys have caged go-go dancers; Giants have victory

Mary Schnitz, left, and her husband, Tim, right, of Arlington, Texas, take a picture of Cowboys Stadium before an NFL football game between the Cowboys the New York Giants, Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009, in Arlington, Texas. The Schnitzes said they parked a mile away and rode their bikes to the stadium to avoid the parking prices. (AP Photo/Sharon Ellman) (Credit: AP Photo/Sharon Ellman)

Random TV-related thoughts from a memorable New York football Sunday:

For all of its relentless gushing about Cowboys Stadium, did NBC ever fully explain the deal with those people who seemed to be milling around outside the stadium? Did they count as the standing room crowd and thus part of the 105,000 plus, or were they tailgaters without tickets?

Good line by Cris Collinsworth about the recreation of the famous hole in the roof through which God allegedly watches his favorite team: "Now God can watch replays, too."

Weirdest touch of all at the new stadium: caged go-go dancers!

Was it just me, or did Giants Stadium Sunday afternoon sound way louder (at least through the TV) than Cowboys Stadium did Sunday night?

Eli Manning said on NBC's pregame show that he was invited to host "Saturday Night Live" last year but declined, for fear of not measuring up to Peyton's excellent work in that role. I did not know that! Wise choice. That sort of thing is not Eli's strength. Two-minute drills are his strength.

It's amazing, isn't it, Coach Mangini, that the Jets can win games without turning their players into programmed, paranoid zombies around reporters?

Photo: AP

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