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Cowboys Stadium locker room gets lukewarm review


** ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS, SEPT. 19-20 ** FILE - In this Aug. 21, 2009 file photo, a view of the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium is shown during a preseason NFL football game between the Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys host the New York Giants on Sunday in their home-opener. (AP Photo/Sharon Ellman) (Credit: AP Photo/Sharon Ellman)

Amusing stuff from the Giants' Danny Clark on Sirius XM Satellite Radio with hosts Bill Pidto (Cornell '87) and Bruce Murray regarding the Cowboys' new stadium:

Murray: “How about the locker rooms?”

Clark: “It’s nothing spectacular. There’s not a lot of hot water in there either.” 
Murray: “Really? Seriously?”
Clark: “[Cowboys owner Jerry Jones] cut some corners in the bathroom there.”
Pidto: “You think he just did that to the visiting team?”
Clark:  “Maybe.  I’m sure the home team’s is probably nice. But yeah, he cut some corners in our locker room.”
Murray: “So you’re running out of hot water?”
Clark: “Yeah, you know, it was lukewarm at best.”
Murray: “How many showers did they have?”
Clark: “It was like six and three stalls, three bathroom stalls. So that tells you. I’m like, Jerry, come on.”
Murray: “We’ve got better bathrooms here.”
Clark: [Laughs] “Exactly.”
Pidto: “What about the crowd? Did you have any awareness of how many people were there and did it have any impact at all?”
Clark: “It wasn’t as loud as you would think 105,000 people would be. And for due reason. I mean, we did a decent job of making some plays so they weren’t all over the place but I played in [the University of] Michigan where there’s 100,000 people. It wasn’t crazy. I played in New Orleans when we reopened the [Super]Dome in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina. That place was twice as loud as this new stadium.”
Photo: AP

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