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Craig Carton interrupts Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin ran a little long on WFAN this morning answering a question about former players criticizing current ones - a topic I wrote about here today - so co-host Craig Carton interrupted him.

Uh, oh. TC had not finished his thought.

"Man, you cut me off there, Craig," he said. "What am I on a time thing here? You cut my butt off quickly."

Coughlin then continued his answer, and the interview went on for another 10 minutes, including a discussion of his work with the Jay Fund.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my article. It's long, but it was even longer before some necessary trimming occurred, leaving on the cutting floor quotes from Justin Tuck, Dustin Keller and my clever reference to ESPN's Bristol campus being "a nicely furnished retirement home for former NFL players."

Or words to that effect. I forget. On to Friday's paper!

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