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Cubs-Yankees games both record boffo TV ratings

So much for the NCAAs and the baseball openers. On to The Masters! (Thanks to our friends at ReelSportsFan.com for the above.)

Speaking of the NCAAs, modesty prevents me from mentioning I won a survivor pool over 43 hapless also-rans. But thanks for playing our game, and enjoy the lovely parting gifts.

Acting Arena Football League commish Ed Policy resigned.

The Yankees have an official paint.

YES announced Friday night's Cubs-Yankees game averaged 4.05 percent of New York homes (and 355,000 viewers), making it by far the highest-rated and most-watched exhibition game ever on a regional sports network in New York.

From 8:30 to 8:45 p.m., the rating peaked at 5.21, extraordinary for a practice game.

The second-highest rated preseason game on a New York regional sports network? Saturday's Cubs-Yankees game, at 2.82.

The reason for the astronomical numbers, obviously, was the fascination with the new Yankee Stadium, which by the way has some significant camera angle issues.

Emails continue to pour in from fans horrified by the fact the protective net behind home plate mars the view from the "high home" camera.

A number of recently built stadiums have this problem, but it mostly definitely is a problem.

Speaking of obstructed views, I also continue to hear from fans concerned with not being able to see parts of the field from various seating locations in both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field.

Again, I feel your pain. But this is certainly nothing new. Click below for an interesting take on that subject from Harvey Diamond, 83, of Moriches.Here's Mr. Diamond:

I do not know what the fuss is about obstructed views...I am 83 years old and when I was a kid in Ozone Park, N.Y., I used to go to Ebbets Field on Sundays for a doubleheader and sit in the centerfield bleachers ..If you got there real early you got a seat in the front row but if later you were back a few rows you couldn't see the centerfielder, Duke Snider...Front row could see everything...and yell at the Duke to get a haircut...The price was 55 cents.. What a bargain...I wouldn't even think of going now unless the Wilpons asked me to their box free...TV is fine for this old guy..Those days were great and the nights were good, too.

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