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Danyelle Sargent tells all in interview with Dan Patrick

(Credit: Watchdog)

One more thing: Here is the complete audio of Danyelle Sargent of Fox talking to Dan Patrick, via Awful Announcing.

She explains what she intended to ask Mike Singletary and how the video turned up on the Internet and "Mike'd Up," and even revisits her infamous f-bomb on ESPN.

"I don't see how anyone could have thought it was on-air, because I stopped in the middle of the interview," Ms. Sargent says of her aborted sideline interview of Singletary. "I don't see how you could think that."

She calls the decision to air the video "malicious" and designed to maker her "look stupid."

Sigh. Was it a mistake to use the un-aired video? Yes, as Ch. 4 has acknowledged.

Was it intentionally malicious? No more so than the potentially embarrassing bloopers that have appeared on TV and radio and the Internet since the dawn of electronic media time.

Time to move on, America.

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