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Darryl Strawberry sez 1986 Mets better than '98 Yanks!

(Credit: Watchdog)

The real test of baseball announcing teams is whether they can make late-innings blowouts watchable.

It's a standard SNY's much-praised trio reaches on a regular basis.

But YES' Michael Kay, Al Leiter and David Cone showed Saturday they can play that game, too, now that the Subway Series has become hopelessly lopsided.

In the sixth, they engaged in a long, interesting discussion of Sandy Koufax' pitching arts.

In the ninth, they used Darryl Strawberry's assertion that the 1986 Mets were better than the '98 Yankees as a jumping off point, including a side trip into Keith Hernandez' playing days persona courtesy of David Cone.

Enjoy Game 3 of the series tonight on ESPN. I'm off this coming week, but use the comments section below to vent about Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips if you are so inclined.

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