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David Wells calls Joe Torre 'a bad individual'

David Wells got in trouble over a book he wrote in 2003, including a fine of $165,000, as he told 1050 ESPN Michael Kay's Thursday.

Now Joe Torre is in a bit of hot water about a book in 2009. Wells is not sympathetic.

"If you weren't Joe’s boy he could care less about you," he told 1050. "He ran his tight ship the way he wanted to.

"Don't get me wrong; he's not a bad manager. I just thought he was a bad individual because of the fact he didn't treat everybody the same. He had his boys and certain guys could do certain things and he wouldn't let other guys do other things."

Yikes! More below."He called guys out from time to time and it's just something you do indoors. He says you'll never hear anything from him in the media or in the paper and that was b.s. He just came out and got me pretty good back in '03. It was always something with him."

What did Wells think about this line in the book? "The difference between Kevin Brown and David Wells is that both make your life miserable, but David Wells meant to."

"I just think it's stupid; he's just out of his you-know-what," Wells told Kay. "The more and more that comes out he's just going to make himself look bad. And what he's doing is really pissing some New Yorkers off. He's going to have to deal with New York . . . Maybe when he goes to Shea Stadium maybe all the Yankee fans might want to go over there and rile it up for him a little bit, set it off."

[Shea will be a parking lot by then, actually.]

What would Wells do if he ran into Torre? After jokingly saying he'd "knock him out," he said, "I probably wouldn't say anything. I would probably laugh at him, I really would."

Torre's "guys," according to Wells, included Paul O'Neill, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter and Roger Clemens, "just certain guys he went out of his way for. We all saw that."

Wells said when Torre fined him for wearing a Babe Ruth cap, "I just threw the money at him and told him, go buy yourself a pair of rims for your car."

Wells acknowledged Alex Rodriguez is a sensitive person and wondered whether he would be affected by the fallout from the book when opposing teams' fans encounter him.

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