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Dead mules stopped Braves; can souvenirs stop Yanks?

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I spoke to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Monday night after he wrapped up his "Countdown" show, in which he reported there might be more Red Sox souvenirs buried deep within the new Yankee Stadium.

When I asked him whether he finds the ongoing Gino Castignoli saga "amusing," he said he did, "but not for the reason most people do."

Then he told the tale of a spookier ballpark curse: The one upon Braves Field in Boston.

Legend has it that while the Braves were winning the 1914 World Series at Fenway Park - their South End Grounds didn't have enough capacity - a cave-in during construction of Braves Field buried a dozen mules and horses alive around third base.

"There was no effort to remove them or save anything of them, they just left them there,'' Olbermann said.

The Braves moved into their new home in 1915 and didn't win the World Series again until they moved to Milwaukee.

Olbermann doubted stadium jinxes really work. "If you could jinx a stadium, wouldn't you need 24-hour security and background checks on everybody working there?" he said.

Don't the Yankees do that already?

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